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However, the lorry driver walks straight past the 4x4 motorist and heads straight towards the drivers side and seems to pull the keys from the ignition.

Road signs refer to "Central Milton Keynes" or "Shopping" when directing traffic to its centre.

The two men can be heard arguing, with the Toyota driver understood to be saying 'you f***ing d**k' and the lorry driver replying 'this is going to the police mate.'The lorry door can be heard slamming shut as the driver gets back into the cab before driving around the stranded 4x4 and continuing on his journey.

Commenting on the clip, Andy G wrote: 'There's not much to say about it really.

The area that was to become Milton Keynes encompassed a landscape that has a rich historic legacy.

The area to be developed was largely farmland and undeveloped villages, but with evidence of permanent settlement dating back to the Bronze Age.

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While still on the drawing board, planners noticed that the main streets near the proposed city centre would almost frame the rising sun on Midsummer's Day.

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