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I figured it was probably an imaginary friend since she doesn't have any siblings who still live at home. Sometimes the voice will comfort her during a test. When I asked her to give me an example of something she says (since she talks all the time when no one else is talking) my dh told me to be quiet. The way she discribed it was , whatever I say the voces repat after mee. Sometimes it tells her to do bad things (like give in to peer pressure--climb the small storage shed, eg.) Now she says if it tells her to do something bad she can put it down the chute and get a new person who looks the same. My 6 years old doghter just told me that she is hearing repeating voices in her had. My dh is really quite bright--she does well in school, so it does not appear to be affecting her academically. This does not seem to be affecting any other part of her life, but she says that it is annoying to her. I was reading trough all the posts here and i see only one example sa as my doughters. After several seconds, she chuckled and said, "Deer Tracks are not available to the phone. We have finally ascertained that the voice is coming from within her head--not as if someone is talking to her from outside her head. to voces are not saying any bad or good thins they are just repetaing .

My son today, was quite upset and anxious when I was out of his sight for a couple of minutes - even when I told him where I would be, what I was doing.My son is 8 years old and within a couple of mins he was screaming out for me and pleading that I come back - obviously I rushed back thinking that something had happened only to find him in tears saying that he thought I had been a long time.When we sat down and talked about it, he said that he hated being on his own as he get a voice in his head that tauments him and tells him to do things that he wouldn't do.just try to determine what is real harassment from a medical basis....dont blatantly label it "schiphrenia" as most people in the medical profession will do it.

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There is technology called Silent Sound Spread Spectrum technology and is also called the "Voice of God" technology.

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