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In an interview, Solène Paillet, 29, head of communications and manager of the- all women team at Gleeden said “” But while this may be true world-over, should India have been different?

This is because an external catalyst can create a positive stimulus by giving confidence or a refreshed outlook. Realising that one’s spouse wasn’t so bad relatively may be the catalyst. Realising life is not all black may be the catalyst. A short-term alternative may just be the catalyst that makes some of these folks see their original relationships again with positivism, and motivates them to fight that block and make that effort.

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Unlike love marriages, where emotions often render people blind to such practicalities.

While it is not written that Gleeden’s 120,000 subscribers have had arranged marriages; one assumes they would make a reasonable share going by the skewed results of the above-mentioned surveys.

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Coincidentally, of Gleeden’s 120,000 Indian subscribers, 75% are men.