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Gl guitars dating

But when production in Japan became more expensive the production moved to Korea.The Tribute series is offered in many of the same body shapes as their original creations although many (including all Limited Edition models) use hardware and pickups designed by G&L but sourced in Asia.The controversy settled as CLF Research stopped manufacturing instruments for Music Man in late 1979.

After the death of Leo Fender in 1991, Fender's wife, Phyllis Fender, passed the management of G&L to John C. In 2003, G&L introduced the Tribute series to the US market as a more affordable alternative to the USA built products.Production of the guitars has since moved to a Cort facility in Indonesia.Before 2003, for a short time there was production of Tribute guitars in Japan for non-US markets.These are the lesser-expensive, Korean-made models, but still include much of the same build quality in the USA models.I played both the Legacy (alder) and an S-500 Premium (swamp ash).

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The online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers.

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