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I was practically begging to skate again come fall!

Emily: I learned all the basics and then began progressing through my jumps and spins, moving up the levels of freestyle skating.

Typically, as a young ice dancer, you start with small local competitions, and then eventually tryout for qualifying competitions.

If you place well at these, you have the possibility of going to Nationals and maybe even eventually Worlds and the Olympics.

We are planning to start competing this season, but we're still enjoying every minute.

Emily: We actually just found out three days ago that we have been assigned to compete in Shanghai, China at the Cup of China, one of the international competitions in the Grand Prix series this fall.

The first two spots were nearly secured already by Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, and Meryl Davis and Charlie White (both fellow wolverines).

There is a selection committee that discusses who they truly want to send, but it's usually those who placed first through third in the country.

Emily: I don't even remember the first skating competition I did because I was so young! But, my first ice dancing competition was in 2000, but it was just a small local one.But somehow I just knew that skating was my true passion.There was a time when I was seven when I told my mom, "I'm done with skating; I quit!Emily: At the 2002 Junior National Championships when I was 12 years old, halfway through our program, I felt this sudden adrenaline rush. It felt like I was flying, as It was the first time I'd ever had that "white moment" that is so hard to attain, when everything is just flowing and joyous. Emily: At the 2007 Junior World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany, Evan and I were in second place going into our final performance.About a minute into the program, I fell, and Evan leapt over me to avoid my head, but landed on my left hand.

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Think back a year ago to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Most likely sitting on your couch watching the most talented athletes in the world compete against each other in hopes of winning the gold.

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