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Blake is back to work on the set of her latest film A Simple Favor which is shooting in Toronto, Canada, at present.

Gossip Girl, based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar, detailed the scandalous lives of a group of privileged teens living in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

'This story came to us secondhand, but we were told she definitely auditioned and was bummed to not get it.'Schwartz said of Jennifer's audition tape: 'We can’t remember if we saw it or not.She's an Oscar-winning actress with a string of critically-acclaimed performances under her belt.But Jennifer Lawrence previously had her eye on a role as a teen TV queen bee and auditioned to play the role of privileged Serena van der Woodsen in hit drama, Gossip Girl, before the show made its debut back in 2007.She went from an impressionable minion to the Queen Bee of Constance, but it wasn't built to last; after GG reveals that Jenny slept with Chuck, she's slut-shamed and banished to somewhere upstate (past the Bronx, even, we think).Jenny most encapsulated the crushing humiliation, joy and, well, more crushing humiliation of being a teenager, finally harnessing her ambition and talent into a clothing line (which is much cooler than a headband).

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