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with watering holes fueled by classic New Orleans cocktails (300-year-old Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar ranks high for atmosphere)." Oh yes, how every lady wants to be wooed – in an unlit, loud bar drinking a nice, frozen "purple drink." No need to stay sober, hear what each other is saying, or even see each other's faces on this lovely date, because you will have a heck of a hangover to keep you thinking about that person the next day.

But on the bright side, he won't see that awful face you make when you get a brain freeze from your "purple drink." Lie #4: "Indulge in neighborhood cafés (hit Café du Monde for café au lait and beignets for two)." No one has ever accused Café du Monde of being a neighborhood café, or romantic for that matter.

While I am not speaking from personal experience (fortunately), I have seen those rides and subsequently scoffed at those couples.

I can imagine it now - being held tightly by your man, taking in those lovely smells of horse manure that only the French Quarter can offer.

It's NEW ORLEANS, and anyone who at least knows what state the city is located in, knows better than to ever say that word.

It's completely inaccurate, and a clear indication that this writer has never visited the city, much less knows anything about the city's dating potential.

Never And, there is nothing romantic about the warm nights in Louisiana – I'm sweating profusely, I hardly feel beautiful once my hair starts to morph into an afro from the humidity, and don't bother coming near me, much less touching or kissing me. There is nothing sexy about the word N'awlins, and absolutely no one who remotely knows the city ever says it.

Kick back and enjoy some drinks and good times with that special someone on the New Orleans Original Cocktail Walking Tour.

This tour will take you to some of the best bars and restaurants in the French Quarter of New Orleans where you can sample drinks created in New Orleans like Southern Comfort, the Hurricane, and the Hand Grenade.

Because one thing is for sure: Only if you've been here can you really understand how precious and distinctive our city is.

So, while I may not be getting a carriage ride, "purple drink," or a marriage proposal on my wrought-iron balcony this Valentine's Day, I am proud to call New Orleans my valentine.

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However, what the site captures as the characteristics that make New Orleans one of the "Best Cities for Dating" is quite interesting (although romantic is their euphemism of choice).

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